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You turn to the Internet for a diverse range of health topics, and it’s important for information to come from a source you trust. That's why TriHealth has launched DailyHealthWire, the website features a diverse range of health topics, including diet, general wellness, medicine and disease management – all from TriHealth experts that consumers can trust.

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Health Calculators

Use the following wellness tools to help you estimate your body weight target, target heart rate, amount of body fat and more:

Body Mass Index Calculator

Approximate how much body fat you have by simply entering your height and weight.

Calorie Burner Counter Calculator

Estimate how many calories your favorite activity burns.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

Know your target heart rate to help you get the most out of your exercise.

Desirable Body Weight Calculator

Enter your age and type of body frame to estimate your healthy body weight.

Nutritional Needs Calculator

Figure out how many calories you need to lose, maintain or gain weight.

Waist to Hip Calculator

Determine your body shape and find out what that shape means.