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Corporate Athlete

Managing Energy for Full Engagement

Corporate Athlete is one of the most requested classes offered at P&G. Over 10,000 employees across the globe have participated; many had life-changing experiences which included more energy and engagement, more work-life balance, and improved health.

What is Corporate Athlete?

Corporate Athlete is about high performance in demanding situations while maintaining a sense of control and balance. The training provides insights, guidance, and tools that will enable P&G employees to perform at their peak when it matters most - in demanding and sometimes stressful situations - by managing and focusing their energy more effectively. The intended outcomes of the training have a high degree of business relevance for P&G

How does it work?

As life's demands increase, Corporate Athlete helps P&G'ers improve their energy and engagement through a healthier lifestyle. The 2008 P&G Survey showed that while demands increased by 3%, people who attended Corporate Athlete had Fitter and Healthier Lifestyles (+15%) that resulted in much higher levels of Energy (+22) than those who did not attend Corporate Athlete. Regular exercise is a significant part of achieving this healthier lifestyle.

For more information

Check out the Corporate Athlete Website to learn more about the program, what classes are offered, and the many tools available to meet the different learning styles and needs of P&G employees – those new to Corporate Athlete and those who want to sustain their learning's from the classroom.