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Facility Improvements

We continue to make facility improvements to improve your workout experience. We added the following new equipment in June;

  • GO-5 Nautilus Machines, 2 Treadmills, & a Treadclimber.
  • MBC-3 Recumbent Bikes & a TreadClimber.
  • WHBC-Recumbent Bike and a TreadClimber.
  • F&HCIC-Nautilus Inner/Outer Thigh Machine.

HVAC adjustments and repairs have been made to the systems at MBC and GO to improve the temperature control and make your workout experience more comfortable.  At TriHealth we strive for Service Excellence every day.  We continue to work closely with P&G & JLL to continually evaluate our programs and facilities to best meet your needs.  Please feel free to share your feedback with us.  Your input is invaluable.

Here’s to your health...